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10 things to bring to ISE next year

Integral Spiritual Experience is pretty great, but things can always be improved. Here are my notes for next year. What do you wish you'd brought?

  1. PureAyre enzyme deodorizer
    Useful when sharing one hotel toilet among four roommates.
  2. Room decor
    Candles, cloths, altar items will make your otherwise plain room a nicer place to return to after a long day of practice and networking.
  3. Flashlight/headlamp
    Good for finding your way to morning practice in the dark or trying to read/write in bed while your roommates are (attempting to be) asleep.
  4. Water bottle
    More convenient, more eco-friendly.
  5. Messenger bag
    Easier to carry materials in all day long. Make sure you have room for #4 in it.
  6. Gloves
    It gets cold near the ocean in the winter. If you're not from California do not be fooled by our Hollywood image! Pack warmly.
  7. Extra shoes
    This should go without saying, but instead I managed to only pack one pair of shoes AND get them wet on the beach.
  8. Calling cards
    I also managed to forget my business cards. Next year I'd prefer to bring personal calling cards. Put your Facebook URL on there. If you don't have Facebook, you have approximately 12 months to get over it and sign up before you meet me.
  9. Champagne
    What's New Year's without champagne? ISE ain't providin' it, so if you want it, bring it yourself.
  10. Champagne GLASSES
    Neglected to pack these. Champagne is only 40% as good served in a plastic cup. Bring extras for the new friends you'll invite back to your room to share the bottles.
  11. Bonus: Ayahuasca necklace
    Ok this won't apply to all, or even most, of you. But I met a lot more folks who have worked with the vine at ISE this year than last, and I bet I'd meet even more of them wearing my handcrafted ayahuasca necklace made from a disc of real B. caapi vine. Want one? Email me.
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