Reaching Into the Universe

An integral moment, improv, and sex

One of the things I enjoy most about integral theory is how it seeks to hold enough space, and thus create a place, for everything. As I wrap myself around integral, I expand the spaciousness in me, and am able to say yes to more of life and the experiences I encounter.


How to set your own price for massage therapy

Earlier in the year I began offering a special kind of discount to existing clients, people they referred, and folks I met networking. The structure of the discount is "pay what you can" for a particular service (craniosacral therapy). I found that few people took me up on it, and eventually I learned why: most people have no idea how to choose their own price for a good or service.

This is not surprising, considering that almost all purchases are structured in a different way: seller tells you the fee, then you decide if you want to buy or not at that price. To invite someone into a completely different structure—you tell the seller your payment, and she trusts you to truly pay what you can—places most folks way out of their comfort zone.

Helping people through their discomfort and toward their own authentic payment amount turns out to be very simple. The three step process is explained later in this article.


Healthy food basics: Water

water flowerImagine being treated to a sumptuous, healthy meal made of high quality, organic, sustainable whole foods… and served a glass of tap water with it. Is this water worthy of drinking with, not to mention cooking, this meal?

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The two basic kinds of demons, and how to deal with them

The idea of demons can be difficult for some people to work with, but I have found that using the concept as a model can be very valuable in helping one deal with various obstacles in life. Such “demons” present themselves in various ways, from depression or anxiety to addictive behavior or lack of motivation.

If you are thinking, feeling, or doing something that you don’t like, and you can’t let go of it easily, let’s call that a demon and explore how to deal with it.