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Who else wants to know about the fourth pillar of sustainability?

Free woman holding fresh blueberries healthy living stock photo Creative CommonsIf you stick with me here, I'll take you from Greek theatre all the way to good nutrition, tying it all together through sustainability along the way. In the end you'll know about the fourth pillar of sustainability and why it's important for you and everybody else.

So to start, two of the Greek entertainment traditions that were held as muses in their own right, Comedy and Tragedy, could seem confusing. If Muses contribute to sustainability, how does Tragedy help us?


Building inner wealth through amusement: 3 investments in one

Dorgnament (dog + ornament)In my home, the bag containing the gifts I gave my roommate Des travels fairly quickly from the gift bag stash to his desk and back to the gift bag stash. Des and I know that the important thing isn't having a new gift bag every year (you already have a stash of them by now, right? Who needs more??), the important thing is having a new glass dog ornament every year to add to your increasing glass dog stash.


GML: 3 steps to greener gift wrapping

Christmas from the present's perspective
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It's hard sometimes to know where to begin. Why not start with the simple stuff.

  1. Find a place in your home to store gift bags — do this part right now.
  2. Whenever you:
    • receive a gift in a gift bag
      • flatten the bag and save it in the spot you've designated.
    • are ready to shop for, or give, a gift
      • check your gift bag stash first.
  3. Make it easier for folks you give gifts to by:
    • packing the gift simply. Just a sheet of tissue paper wrapped loosely around it or on top is enough.
    • not using tape on anything.
    • not writing their name on the bag's pre-attached gift tag. This keeps the gift bag looking new to future recipients. Instead, write a card for them and sit the envelope amongst the tissue paper with their name showing.

Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy class, day 2

baby massagePowerful class today. Highlights and thoughts include:

  • Watching Benjamin Shield work on two babies
  • Why do craniosacral therapy on kids?
  • Why do pediatric craniosacral therapy on adults?
  • In which I receive a new neck!
  • Improv rears its head
  • Reflections of a bodywork geek


Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy class, day 1

Baby RabahToday was the first day of Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy class (newborn through age 2) with Benjamin Shield and it was inspiring!

Imagine catching and resolving issues so early, issues that could otherwise affect someone into adulthood, possibly for the rest of their life. Depending on the root cause, cranio can help with conditions ranging from sensory integration issues to birth trauma to colic. I want craniosacral available for every newborn!


Thoughts on purging in ayahuasca

I just had the experience of posting a reply on a forum, and then immediately thinking "That could have made a good blog post."

So, a link: some thoughts on purging in ayahuasca, in which I compare my experiences of the purge to bodywork and board games.


A beautiful craniosacral experience

Skull Side ViewBodywork offers many gifts, to both the giver and receiver. Recently I was gifted with an absolutely beautiful experience combining trigger point work and craniosacral therapy.

It started with one finger finding a crucial trigger point, hidden deep in the neck close to the vertebrae. His fascia had eventually led me right to it, and as I connected to it, pressing into the point, he groaned and said, “That’s the spot I was trying to find myself.”