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I think Mark Morford nailed it in his column last month, Why are you so terribly disappointing?

Check it out. The entire thing is one long whine, and I couldn't help but see some of my own attitudes in there.

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featured poem: sweet earth, for what its worth

hearts ♥ brick-red ♥ brecciated jasper & black hematite stylized as an aphrodisiac silphion seed overdubbed by a tricolor broken-hearts-symbol ಌOver on the ayahuasca forums, kiara posted a poem I enjoyed. She's graciously agreed to let me share it with you here:

sweet earth, for what its worth

2 the he/art
add the she/art


for what its worth
fire in the hearth

feel the earth
birth the beat

hear the heart be

feel thru the soul
of your feet
the rhythm
of the sweet ...




Upcoming ayahuasca talk in San Francisco, Feb 18

sfbg-aya-classA co-participant from an ayahuasca ceremony I was in sent me a link to the following talk at the San Francisco Botanical Garden:

Encompassing the Amazon: Ayahuasca, Vegetalismo and Cultural Survival
a special presentation by Susana Bustos, Ph D. & Robert Tindall, author

Thu, Feb 18, 7:00pm–8:30pm

Importantly, the website says they will address "the role this ancient medicine can play in healing our contemporary ecological crisis."

Sounds great! I'm going to be there if I can make it.

More info:
Blog of the presenters:
Book of one of the presenters: The Jaguar that Roams the Mind.


The importance of you

Street mirrorHow much impact do you think you have on the people and world around you? Do you know how important you are? My grandma didn't. My grandma always wanted our family to be closer. She didn't like the drama, the disconnects, the ancient history that could still stand between two people. And yet it continued, until shortly after she died.


From Greek tragedy to personal loss: a resource for coping, healing, and growth

GriefAn astute reader pointed me to this PBS news hour story on the cathartic medicinal value of Greek tragedy applied to war vets.

Reminds me of the techniques I use to help people with PTSD, one being Tapas Acupressure Technique.