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A magical look at corporations

Ghostbusters SignI sure do love Dale Pendell, author of the Pharmako trilogy. He has an article over at the Huffington Post on the magical basis of corporate personhood, identifying corporations as a type of "hungry ghost". Brilliant.

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Recommended events: April 2010

Events CalendarLots of neat stuff going on in April!

Green Festival Spring
April 10th & 11th
San Francisco, CA

Previously yearly, now the Green Festival is a biannual event in SF! The speakers at this festival are absolutely top notch. Totally inspiring and educational.

Psychedelic Science Conference
April 15th–18th
San Jose, CA

The largest conference of its kind, with world-famous presenters (Dr. Andrew Weil, Alex Grey, Erowid, Ralph Metzner, more) and an entire track dedicated to ayahuasca.

Seeding Gift Culture
April 15th–18th
Philo, CA

A retreat with Charles Eisenstein, author of The Ascent of Humanity. This looks choice. Are you ready to start telling a new story about yourself and the world? A sustainable story full of life? This looks like the place to start, or strengthen, a truly better world for yourself and your children's children.

Integral Anatomy Class
April 17th
San Francisco, CA

A one day intensive with Gil Hedley, creator of Integral Anatomy.

Earth Day 2010: Creating a Healthy Future—Where Do We Go From Here?
April 21st
Berkeley, CA

Do not miss this. This is your chance to see the preview video for Four Years. Go. the exciting new ad campaign that Pachamama Alliance is helping to spearhead.

World Change Conference
April 24th–May 2nd
Berkeley, CA

Looking at the lineup of teachers (Joanna Macy, John Kinyon, Starhawk, Kevin Danaher, more), one immediately sees that this conference means business. Organized by my amazing friend Slav of Common Circle Education.

The Feminine Fire: Power and Leadership with Sobonfu Some
April 30th
San Francisco, CA

Sobonfu was in a video we watched in Pediatric Craniosacral class. She was delightful; I'd love to see her speak in person. Her work involves ritual, community, welcoming children into the world, and more.


Event: Not-Self in the Brain

InsideJust heard about the following talk on an important topic: the non-existence of a single, stable self. I'll be there if I can. Please pass this event info on to others who might be interested.

Not-Self in the Brain

Who: Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson
What: Public presentation (with experiential activities, discussion, and practical methods)
When: Sunday evening, March 7th, 7:00–9:00pm
Where: East Bay Open Circle

This public presentation - with experiential activities, discussion, and practical methods - will explore how modern science is revealing that the psychological and neurological basis of "me, myself, and I" in fact confirms the ancient teachings that the apparent self is not the unified, enduring, and independent owner of experiences and agent of actions . . . but is truly compounded, transient, and dependently arising: in a word, "empty." Though initially unsettling, recognizing these facts is wonderfully freeing, undermines the suffering that comes from taking things personally and trying to protect and glorify the "self," and leads you to feel more peacefully one with all things.
(Sponsored by East Bay Open Circle; at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar Street; suggested donation of $10-15, but no offering is necessary.)

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