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News: rainforest produced more CO2 than it absorbed

The Independent is reporting that drought in the Amazon rainforest may accelerate global climate change as catastrophic drought causes it to release more carbon dioxide than the total annual carbon emissions of the United States.

Meanwhile, some people remain in deep denial. You probably know some of them—I do! Despite the evidence that we have to change the ways that we live, some people resist.

What kind of rock bottom do we have to hit before we wake up and start the recovery process from our unsustainability addiction? Will we all die in a dirty gutter, or will we kick it and get clean together?


Event: A Potent Display of Tantric Energy Exchange and Fisting

fisting gestureHeard about this through the grapevine, it seemed noteworthy enough to pass on.

Apollo aka CaliforniaSpecial (most certified Asspig in the world) and Sparky the Cosmic Holy Boy aka Rosebudcub present:

A Potent Display of Tantric Energy Exchange and Fisting

Where: Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission St . San Francisco
When: Friday Feb 18, 2011
Doors open 7:30, we begin at 8:00 and the doors are closed.
Program will end approximately 10PM.

We invite you to witness as we explore our potential through a passionate exhibition of Cosmic Erotic Ecstasy.

"Sparky and I met on in October and discovered we are a dynamic duo of FistShamans. Sparky is an instrument of bursting cosmic energy and I, Apollo Fist Maestro, will play him the way a gifted musician plays his instrument to the enjoyment, titillation, and amazement of our audience. We invite you to bring your sexiness, energy, and positive vibrations to this hot, hot, hot performance"

Scene I: Moving Energy
Scene II: Opening

Suggested donation $20 at the door

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Sobonfu is coming back to CIIS

Sobonfu Somé

Sonbfu Somé is coming back to CIIS this month! She'll be giving a lecture on Feminine Fire: Power and Healing on the 25th, and a workshop, Feminine Fire: Power and Leadership on the 26th & 27th.

You can also check out all of the CIIS Public Programs at

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