Reaching Into the Universe

Activism in conference form

Having been at the ERIE conference on Monday made me have the fantasy that if my college friends and I were still in academia, we could have another conference... we had one my sophomore year, called Y2Queer, our version of the Queer Ivy Conference.

It was totally the conference we needed to have at the time for ourselves, personally. It was such a period of crystallization for me around values, identity, etc.

But it got me thinking, what kind of conference do I really need most now?

I feel like it would be an integral Solutions For the World type of event. Mental health, spirituality, shamanism, personal health and fitness, social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and resilience in all of those things. What would it be like to bring the best in all of those together?

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Stop buying sickness

If we look, all around we find example after example of sickness being sold to us for profit.

We eat it in restaurants and grocery stores, rub it on our skin, pump it in and out of our cars, install it in our homes and institutions... and pay for the "privilege" all along the way...

So many of us are complacent and complicit. And really fixing it means completely changing almost everything about life as we currently know it.

Ready? Set. Go!

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Identity & the jaw bone

Jaw BoneToday I experienced one of the ways in which the jaw bone, or mandible, is connected to identity. As I walked in the neighborhood, I watched the feelings around a small experience that conflicted with my identity land in my jaw.

As Hugh Milne writes in The Heart of Listening, the mandible "is the bone most associated with the individual's sense of who he is. Since the head itself is the very totem of selfhood, all cranial bones are associated with identity, but the mandible personifies it."

How much jaw tension, teeth grinding, TMJ, and headache is about affronts to our identity, dissonances between sense of self and the world around us, or bound up in the oppression felt by many minority groups?