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Back from ISE2

Pacific GroveWow. What else can you say after attending the most well designed event you've ever been to? And a sequal to boot. Integral Spiritual Experience 2 was even better than last year's.

ISE sets the tone for the entire year. I will certainly be integrating the experience and materials for a while. I received so much at ISE2 that I could probably blog about it for weeks. But in case you haven't been to an ISE yet, here is what this one was like.

This event will impact your life—as it is impacting the world—in all four quadrants. It takes you spiritually deeper, cognitively higher, physically shifted with embodied lessons all while it builds community and fosters structures for a truly integral world spirituality.

This being year 2, the focus was on the 2nd face of spirit, with a theme of The Future of Love. Divided into three stations, one for each of the three full days of the event, we moved from falling in love, to separation and conflict, to integration and sweetness. These corresponded to integral's three-stage identify/individuate/integrate model of vertical growth.

The event is half conference, half practice session. The schedule can be grueling. There's a lot of structure to the event, structure that I see as lovingly, painstakingly created to support everyone in getting the most out of the event possible. This is an event that delivers more value than you paid for and then some.

The big name speaker was Deepak Chopra; the big entertainment was Coleman Barks and David Darling doing an intimate and delightful Rumi reading + cello performance. Of course the event is anchored by Marc Gafni, Diane Hamilton, and Sally Kempton. Other teachers included Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder, Dr. Warren Farrell, and Ken Wilber via phone. Lots of other fun stuff including breakout sessions, practice sessions (they had a practitioner of Core Shamanism there this year), and plenty of entertainment, networking, and community building.

This was number 2 in the arc of 5 ISEs, at which point I presume it loops back around somehow. Doesn't matter, they're all self-contained. Why not make sure we see you there next year?

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  1. I feel very fortunate to be able to share in this with you this year. What an amazing event/group of people/experience/start to the year!

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