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Activism in conference form

Having been at the ERIE conference on Monday made me have the fantasy that if my college friends and I were still in academia, we could have another conference... we had one my sophomore year, called Y2Queer, our version of the Queer Ivy Conference.

It was totally the conference we needed to have at the time for ourselves, personally. It was such a period of crystallization for me around values, identity, etc.

But it got me thinking, what kind of conference do I really need most now?

I feel like it would be an integral Solutions For the World type of event. Mental health, spirituality, shamanism, personal health and fitness, social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and resilience in all of those things. What would it be like to bring the best in all of those together?

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Class: The Magic of Touch

Come to my class, you'll like it!

Details and ticket purchase are at

Magic of Touch flyer


Event: A Potent Display of Tantric Energy Exchange and Fisting

fisting gestureHeard about this through the grapevine, it seemed noteworthy enough to pass on.

Apollo aka CaliforniaSpecial (most certified Asspig in the world) and Sparky the Cosmic Holy Boy aka Rosebudcub present:

A Potent Display of Tantric Energy Exchange and Fisting

Where: Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission St . San Francisco
When: Friday Feb 18, 2011
Doors open 7:30, we begin at 8:00 and the doors are closed.
Program will end approximately 10PM.

We invite you to witness as we explore our potential through a passionate exhibition of Cosmic Erotic Ecstasy.

"Sparky and I met on in October and discovered we are a dynamic duo of FistShamans. Sparky is an instrument of bursting cosmic energy and I, Apollo Fist Maestro, will play him the way a gifted musician plays his instrument to the enjoyment, titillation, and amazement of our audience. We invite you to bring your sexiness, energy, and positive vibrations to this hot, hot, hot performance"

Scene I: Moving Energy
Scene II: Opening

Suggested donation $20 at the door

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Sobonfu is coming back to CIIS

Sobonfu Somé

Sonbfu Somé is coming back to CIIS this month! She'll be giving a lecture on Feminine Fire: Power and Healing on the 25th, and a workshop, Feminine Fire: Power and Leadership on the 26th & 27th.

You can also check out all of the CIIS Public Programs at

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Class for white people

NYC Pro-Muslim Rally Marching On Sept. 11th, 2010For some reason, the boyfriend and I have been talking about white privilege and the importance of addressing it. Then the universe drops an email in my inbox about an upcoming class called:

Being Mindful & White in a Multicultural World

a class series for white people
with Kitsy Schoen & Christopher Bowers

How timely is that? Unfortunately I can't commit to a class of its length right now (5 sessions, including a one-day retreat), but you should if you can.

About the class:

"A group for white people to explore identity, diversity, racism and privilege through mindfulness. Using practices from various teachings and traditions, we will examine lessons learned about race and privilege, how they have limited and harmed others and ourselves, and what we can do to bring greater compassion, understanding and justice to ourselves and our communities."

More info at:

Registration is required and space is limited. Sign up at

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Event: Conversation with Chris Rainier

globes_coronelli_012A friend remembered my post about language preservation & sustainability and pointed me to this upcoming lecture at the California Academy of Sciences:

Chris Rainier
In Conversation With Mary Ellen Hannibal

Enduring Voices – All Roads Photography
Documentary Photographer – National Geographic

Wednesday April 6th 2011, Herbst Theatre

Rainer is the photographer for National Geographic's Enduring Voices project, a multi-year effort that strives to research and revitalize the world’s most endangered languages. Every fourteen days... a language goes extinct on Earth and with it humanity loses all of the oral knowledge of the local people and their environmental history to include ethnobotany, biodiversity and their relationships to the land which sprang from centuries old indigenous traditions. Much of what humans know about nature is encoded only in oral languages. Indigenous groups that have interacted closely with the natural world for thousands of years often have profound insights into local lands, plants, animals, and ecosystems—many of which are still undocumented by science. Studying indigenous languages therefore benefits environmental understanding and conservation efforts.

Tickets are $20.


Event: BACE Timebank 1st POSSE Party

Party buttonOMG, someone turned POSSE into an acronym: Potluck Orientation Swapmeet Skillshare Event.

The Bay Area Timebank is hosting an event where you can get oriented to the timebank and what it's all about, meet timebank members and even exchange goods and services, and have a good time.

Who: You, and anyone you want to bring
When: Fri, Jan 21, 2011, 6-9pmish
6:10pm Orientation
6:30pm Potluck, skillshare, swapmeet
7:30pm Party!
Where: Blacklight Ventures, 1543 Mission St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco

This is what they say about it:

Please join the Timebank membership for its first POSSE Party in the SOMA and bring your favorite dish to share or instrument to play. If you are new to the Timebank, show up early to our orientation at 6pm. If you have skills like sewing, bike repair, massage, bread-making, Spanish lessons, or goods like homemade jam, produce, kombucha or textiles, you can earn hours at this event just for showing up and sharing! And do not forget to bring your dancing shoes and friends who might be interested in joining the Timebank! These POSSE Parties will be initiated by Timebank members in other neighborhoods on a regular basis. Contact timebankinfo (at) to host one in your neighborhood. It is your Timebank!

Also, if you want to volunteer, they need help, especially if you are a Ruby on Rails developer. They say:

The next Timebank meeting is on Mon. Jan. 10 at 8pm, Noisebridge 2169 Mission St. 3rd floor SF. For meeting announcements, check the calendar at the bottom of the Timebank home page (logged in view), join the volunteer listserv, or contact mira (at)

Come to a meeting to volunteer! We need your input in the design, outreach, and oversight of the Timebank. We are an unfunded, volunteer-based, community-run Timebank, which means we need YOU! We can definitely use help in doing outreach at events, meetings, and to organizations that serve the community. We also need small donations for making brochures and cards with info. about the Timebank.

The Timebank needs help with it's website development in Ruby on Rails. Please contact us if you have the skills and the time to participate.


10 things to bring to ISE next year

Integral Spiritual Experience is pretty great, but things can always be improved. Here are my notes for next year. What do you wish you'd brought?

  1. PureAyre enzyme deodorizer
    Useful when sharing one hotel toilet among four roommates.
  2. Room decor
    Candles, cloths, altar items will make your otherwise plain room a nicer place to return to after a long day of practice and networking.
  3. Flashlight/headlamp
    Good for finding your way to morning practice in the dark or trying to read/write in bed while your roommates are (attempting to be) asleep.
  4. Water bottle
    More convenient, more eco-friendly.
  5. Messenger bag
    Easier to carry materials in all day long. Make sure you have room for #4 in it.
  6. Gloves
    It gets cold near the ocean in the winter. If you're not from California do not be fooled by our Hollywood image! Pack warmly.
  7. Extra shoes
    This should go without saying, but instead I managed to only pack one pair of shoes AND get them wet on the beach.
  8. Calling cards
    I also managed to forget my business cards. Next year I'd prefer to bring personal calling cards. Put your Facebook URL on there. If you don't have Facebook, you have approximately 12 months to get over it and sign up before you meet me.
  9. Champagne
    What's New Year's without champagne? ISE ain't providin' it, so if you want it, bring it yourself.
  10. Champagne GLASSES
    Neglected to pack these. Champagne is only 40% as good served in a plastic cup. Bring extras for the new friends you'll invite back to your room to share the bottles.
  11. Bonus: Ayahuasca necklace
    Ok this won't apply to all, or even most, of you. But I met a lot more folks who have worked with the vine at ISE this year than last, and I bet I'd meet even more of them wearing my handcrafted ayahuasca necklace made from a disc of real B. caapi vine. Want one? Email me.
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Out of town for Integral Spiritual Experience

ISE logoA good friend and I are headed to Pacific Grove for the Integral Spiritual Experience Year 2. Last year's daily schedule was a bit grueling, so I don't expect to be posting until the week after January 2nd.

Grueling or not, last year's first ISE was also the most well designed event I have ever attended. Ever. I'm told that's thanks to the work of Diane Hamilton. Leave it to a Zen master to get something organized.

Happy New Year to all, and see you in 2011!


Performance: Gush

Gush flyerGet ready for Gush: three weekends of dance curated by Joe Goode!

Perhaps you've heard of Goode or even been to one of his shows, such as the well received Traveling Light. I first saw Goode's small experiments in song & dance in 2008 and concluded that I would see anything this man touched.

So, Thursdays through Saturdays, January 13–29th, we have the opportunity to see three different dance companies and Joe Goode Performance Group will be performing each night. Also performing are Ledoh the first week and AXIS Dance Company the second week.

Tickets are $25–30, and the venue website is offering $5 off for advance tickets with coupon code "Gush", valid until 1/12/11.

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