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Letter to the SF Bay Guardian on food sustainability

To the SF Bay Guardian:

The framing of your article on food sustainability stokes the same class issues it decries. Unfairly hanging all of the responsibility for solving social justice problems on food sustainability movements simply encourages blaming and distracts readers from a more productive and comprehensive understanding of the issues.

While it's true that sustainable food movements must include social justice efforts to be successful, the opposite is also true, because the two issues are unavoidably connected. At the recent San Francisco Green Festival, it was emphasized repeatedly that "green" means spiritually fulfilling, environmentally sustainable, and socially & economically just... I would add to this list, physically healthy... and that "anything less is greenwashing". Any effort to create a sustainable human presence on the earth will have to include each of these four components to be successful.

What this means is that sustainable food movements and social justice movements must come together in order to solve these problems. It also means that sustainable food movements can't solve social justice issues on their own (since they are situated in larger social contexts) and should not be expected to.

While it's important to bring all of the pieces of this puzzle to everybody's attention, your article, rather than attempting to bring more efforts together, sows divisiveness and resentment. To what ends?

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