Reaching Into the Universe


Can I just pay for the weekend when I arrive?

Due to last minute cancellations in the past, a non-refundable deposit must be received before you can attend. The balance is due when you arrive.

When do I receive the address and directions for the ceremony weekend?

A logistical email will be sent a day or two before the ceremony weekend to everyone who has paid their deposit. The email contains directions to the venue as well as any last minute details.

What time should I arrive? How soon can I leave?

It's best for participants to arrive before it gets dark. We coordinate meeting times a few days before the event; this information will be included in the logistical email.

Please plan to commit your full weekend to this healing work; the event should wrap up by Sunday afternoon.

Can I bring other plant medicines/substances?

Please leave extra medicines at home. The purpose of this weekend is to work with the curandero's ayahuasca, which is brought to us from the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon. You are welcome to bring mapacho, as it is a traditional part of this work.

Is there important information not contained in this website?

Yes. Meeting spot and meetup times are coordinated by email with folks who have paid their deposit.