Reaching Into the Universe

Info: curandero

Our curandero is Ron Wheelock, who lives in Iquitos, Peru. Many of us have participated in ceremonies with him both in Peru and here in the U.S. His work is powerful and healing, and he is well loved. Everyone at the weekend has ample access to talk with him about personal concerns and ask questions or for help in ceremony.

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Things other participants have said about Ron:

"Ron as person: down to earth, friendly and everyday kind of guy. Ron as Shaman: magical, powerful and wise." — PT

"Ron: a wonderful man with a great heart and powerful medicine." — SM

"Ron Wheelock is an extraordinarily powerful intuitive Shaman whose ceremonies are packed with healing Shakti channeled from a vast interface with subtle realities opened through more than 1000 inspired journeys.  The power of Ron's work has its foundation in the medicine he superbly prepares and perfectly administers.  This power is buoyed by his vast energy, technical wizardry, keen perception, fluent articulation, innovative musicianship, and loving attitude toward everyone he meets.  This power is leavened by his unique personality: though a master whose traditional Peruvian shamanic rituals have cured and re-vitalized people from all over the world, Ron remains a rural Missourian who draws brilliantly, often hilariously from his unique life experience." — MC

"I feel incredibly blessed to have met Ron Wheelock. Although he and I perhaps couldn't have come from more different factions of society, I can say that his wisdom, humility, sense of humor and most importantly, his healing presence in and out of ceremony, have inspired me to embrace both the beautiful and the ugly things in this world, and recognize that they are one. He is truly a bridge between an indigenous knowledge of nature, and westerners who are yearning to find their way back to it, which is becoming all the more crucial as we stray further and further from our primordial roots. His (sometimes overwhelmingly) powerful medicine and his gritty, raw style have me coming back to Peru to work with him for the third time this summer. Can't wait." — CW

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