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Info: dieta

Our curandero does not emphasize dietary restrictions (with the exception of sexual restrictions) for this level of work.

For the weekend, he suggests eating breakfast and lunch on ceremony days, and not eating after 2:00pm. He also asks that folks abstain from sex during the weekend and for at least a day after.

Many folks do engage in a special diet (restrictions on food, sex, and/or media intake) in conjunction with their ayahuasca journeys. If you're experienced with the medicine and have your own approach, that's great. Many people in our circle have found some type of dieting to be helpful.

Below are two links with some great information, and what I might suggest is that after reviewing it you spend some time meditating/accessing your intuition/praying/whatever works for you... invite the spirit of ayahuasca to guide you in making the best choices for you.

Basic diet safety information is at:

Spiritual dieta information is at

Please add your own perspectives, suggestions, and questions in the comment section below! Additions will be worked into future revisions.