Reaching Into the Universe

Logistics: General overview

Below you'll find general information about the event schedule, pricing, and carpooling.


Ceremonies are scheduled as a Friday–Sunday event. The timeline is:

Afternoon–evening: arrive, get settled in, pay your balance for the event cost. People who are camping can set up tents. It's best to arrive before it gets dark, although not everyone's work schedules permit this.

Preparation: Check-in circle

After dark: Ceremony 1

Morning: Check-in circle, in which each person is given the opportunity to share their experience and ask questions.

Daytime: Rest, socialize, process, prepare.

After dark: Ceremony 2

Morning: Check-in circle

Daytime: Cleanup & Goodbyes. We ask that everyone help clean the space, leaving it looking better than when we arrived. When we're done with cleaning, the event is over and it's time to go.


Two nights (standard)
Full price for a weekend of two ceremonies is about $250. This pays for the cost of the curandero, his airfair, and the venue.

A $100 deposit is required to hold your space; please bring the balance with you to the ceremony in cash.

One night (as available)
If you are interested in coming for one night only, contact me at Preference will be given to people who can attend both nights, unless we can match you up with another person who wants to come only on the other night as you.

Sitter's price (as available—2 spots)
A special price is available to two participants who volunteer to act as sitters during the ceremony. Acting as a sitter require you be able to help people stand up and sit down, make their way to the bathroom and back, etc. Sitters must commit to the entire weekend, and take turns sitting one night and participating in ceremony the next. Sitters pay only $50 total. The rest of the cost is absorbed by Ron and the other participants in gratitude for the sitters' service.


We try to coordinate carpooling as much as possible. People can meet up at their homes, or at a Park-n-Ride along the way. Cars may be left in Park-n-Rides up to 72 hours, barring any restrictions posted in the lot itself.

Please add your own perspectives, suggestions, and questions in the comment section below! Additions will be worked into future revisions.