Reaching Into the Universe

Logistics: Second weekend

Because the 12th–14th will be the first time we're using the Sonoma space, the owners only want to commit to one weekend to see how it goes. If everything goes well, we'll get to use it again for the 26th–28th.

If they decide not to allow us to use the space again, we have a backup space in Napa. The Napa space holds fewer people, so here is what we have to do:

  1. I will take deposits for the 26th & 27th up to the capacity of the Sonoma space (19-22 spots).
  2. On a first come first serve basis, the first of those deposits will be guaranteed spots, up to the capacity of the Napa space (14 spots). The rest will be wait-list spots: if we get to use the Sonoma space, those on the wait-list can attend. If not, their deposits will be returned. You'll of course be informed on the status of your deposit before you send it in.

We will have a firm count of Sonoma capacity after the weekend of the 12th, and should know if we can use it again by the 19th.

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